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Blueprint + Co. is the creative, executive open workspace where you will have the opportunity to sit next to like-minded entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, all while building onto your existing foundation. As your exclusive concierge, we offer a myriad of tools and resources, as well as informational workshops on topics ranging from tech and coding, to fashion, manufacturing and entertainment. We will not only offer you a built-in community, but unparalleled access to thought leaders that will both meet your needs and take your business to the next level.
Blueprint + Co. we are connected.

  • Event Space
  • Communal Cafes
  • 2 Additional Terraces
  • Height-Adjustable Varidesks
  • Lounge Space
  • Private Phone Booths
  • Private Conference Rooms
  • 17,000 Square Feet
  • The Heart of NYC

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